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CCTV System
CCTV systems are a necessary inclusion for integrated security systems, as they benefit the operation of individual electronic security systems. For instance, CCTV systems can aid both perimeter detection systems and intruder alarm systems. Additionally, technology now enables CCTV systems to play a key role in facilitating real-time remote monitoring.
We can design and install CCTV systems suitable for domestic and commercial premises. Talk to us and we can recommend the best possible system for your premises. Through consultation we can learn of your precise needs and requirements, thereby enabling us to make the most suitable recommendation.

We give you a fantastic range of choices of CCTV systems, with the following main categories presented: 
  • Analogue CCTV 
  • Digital IP CCTV 
  • ANPR Solution 
The Hik-Connect mobile app is designed for the phone or tablet. With the Mobile App, you can remotely control devices.
We can provide a intelligent management system to control your CCTV system via a pc or laptop.