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Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms 
A fire alarm can be anything from a human being shouting "fire" to a fully addressable fire alarm panel with lots of bells and whistles! 

An effective fire alarm system is a key element in preventing a small fire turning into a disaster. For us, fire alarms are much more than just a compliance tool. An effective fire alarm will alert you quickly and accurately, allowing you to direct first responders to the fire location so it can be dealt with early.
We can install and service all types of fire alarms to BS5839 parts I (commercial premises) or VI (domestic premises) 
We can "take over" the maintenance of your existing system if you would like to save some money on your maintenance or combine this with some of our other services and roll it into a package gain a bigger discount..
Fire Suppression Systems 
Fire Suppression systems can range from water sprinkler systems to inert or gaseous fixed systems. 
They are often used in computer suites or industrial high risk areas, but can sometimes be found elsewhere... have a look up at the ceiling when you are next in B&Q ! 
We can specify, design, install and service these systems. Please call us for any further information...